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Housing type and
selling price in euros

beds m2


1 50-54 €   85.000
2 70-75 € 120.000
3 100-115 € 165.000
4 120-135 € 195.000



The project includes a large range of housing solutions form a single person’s one bedroom flat (50 to 54 m2) to a large family dwelling with 4 bedrooms (120-135 m2) This is designed to provide diverse accommodation for young and old, singles and families.
Most of the houses, lofts and apartments (85%) are destined to be sold on the open market, at moderate prices. However it is now envisaged that some 15% will be set aside for in social housing, subsidized by the public authorities and managed by the SRLH (Regional Company housing of Herstal).

Luxury Homes

All the dwellings in Pre-Madame will be the upper level, and will be no higher than 6m above ground level
Conveniently situated near the city centre of Herstal the homes will not only benefit from the amenities right on the doorstep, but will also have open views across the valley.

Ecological Housing

All the homes in Pre-Madame will be designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient using the latest eco-technology : thermal insulation will reduce to the minimum the costs of heating, solar panels for hot water, double flux system for ventilation, and rain water conservation for use in toilets and watering systems

Some of the 350 modular houses will be designed on 3 levels. These are grouped in blocks 18m deep.
Gardens and terraces will be assigned to each house. Private gardens will be separated from public spaces.


In total, more than  half of the existing roof of the upper level of the Pre-Madame  will be  removed create wide pedestrian walkways between the houses.  The backbone of the village will be a 12 m broad alley connecting the two buildings by a new footbridge. Perpendicularly, another 8 m broad pedestrian axis extends over the entire length of each building. At the crossroads an impressive open space will be created.



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